Sérgio Sette Câmara

Blog | Sérgio Sette Câmara in Fuschl and at Hangar 7

Hello All,

I've just had my first visit to the Red Bull headquarters in Austria and to Hangar 7. I had a really great time. We slept one night in Fuschl and on the following day we had a busy schedule visiting some of the Red Bull facilities.

As soon as we arrived to Fuschl during the night I saw that the town was very adorable, with a lot of nature surrounding it... and obviously a big & beautiful lake.

We started of our next day by visiting the Red Bull headquarters! I was already expecting something nice, but it went completely over the expectations ahahah! The architecture is really creative and for sure something different then any other company...

The headquarters is a state of art. All those modern glass buildings surrounded by the snow and some really nice pieces of art scattered around, really gives the feeling you are in another world, specially for someone that is not used to see snow ;). Also I cannot forget to mention the main building with the Volcano shape and the 14 bulls sprinting out from it!

After we finished doing the tour, I was able to meet some of the staff from different departments. Then I had the chance to go "shopping" and get some Red Bull athlete clothes which I would also need for the photo shooting. We went to have lunch in a nice bar, where many other Red Bull employees were eating as well. Was nice because it is a really typical Austrian environment :)

Once we were done with the meal, we headed by car to the Hangar 7, and once again I was astonished. Definitely the ideal place to take my first official photos as a Red Bull athlete, with all those F1 cars and beautiful airplanes!

After that we headed straight to Milton Keynes where I had a very productive day on the SIM.

I can't wait for the season to start!