Spa Podium

Euroformula podiums & drama for Doohan, Lawson & Tsunoda at Spa

#30 Liam Lawson (NZL – Motopark)
Qualifying 1: 8th – Race 1 Grid: 8th – Race 1 Result: 3rd
Qualifying 2: 5th – Race 2 Grid: 5th– Race 2 Result: DNF - incident
Euroformula Open Championship position: 2nd – 104 points – after 8 of 18 races

#14 Yuki Tsunoda (JAP – Motopark)
Qualifying 1: 2nd – Race 1 Grid: 2nd – Race 1 Result: 2nd
Qualifying 2: 2nd – Race 2 Grid: 2nd – Race 2 Result: DNF - incident
Euroformula Open Championship position: 3rd – 98 points – after 8 of 18 races

#7 Jack Doohan (AUS - Double R Racing)
Qualifying 1: 3rd – Race 1 Grid: 3rd – Race 1 Result: 4th
Qualifying 2: 3rd – Race 2 Grid: 3rd – Race 2 Result: 4th
Euroformula Open Championship position: 6th – 52 points – after 8 of 18 races

Spa produced classic Euroformula Open racing spiced with a sprinkling of rain in Race 1 and the Red Bull Juniors Yuki Tsunoda, Liam Lawson and Jack Doohan took second, third and fourth and again dominated the Race 1 Rookie Podium.

Determined to do even better in Race 2, Tsunoda and Lawson came together while battling for the lead on the 3rd of 14 laps, putting both Motopark drivers out of the race. Doohan picked up another good fourth.

Jack Doohan with two good drives

"The one lap pace was pretty decent," explained the 16-year-old Australian. "The problem was that as the races evolved our pace dripped off. Yesterday it was a case of the overall grip, I couldn't complain about the balance of the car early on, it was all good. But then as the tyre wear started to make a difference we were understeering on entry and lacking traction on the exit."

"Unfortunately, for today we had to run four used tyres as we had a problem in practice. So we were up against the opposition on new tyres, it was a bit of a struggle.

It didn't help that I didn't have good starts in either race, I didn't have the feel getting off the line. So that is something we can work on for the Hungaroring as well as improving the way the car handles the tyre wear."

Yuki Tsunoda with a second place and the pace for a win

"It was my first time in Spa, so in free practice I just focussed on my driving," stated the 19-year-old Japanese. "I knew that at Spa a slipstream is important for a good lap time but I did not look for that, I just concentrated on learning the track on my own."

"Qualifying 1 was quite good, my track knowledge was quite good but I needed to improve how I used the slipstream to get a really good lap time."

"In Race 1 the start was not too bad, quite good. Going up the hill for the first time I prepared to pass the leader but I was not quite close enough, I had a look to see if it was possible but it wasn't. Then I had to follow and look for another possible chance but he was quite fast and I never got the chance."

"In Qualifying 2 this morning we did quite a good job and on my last run I was fast through the first two sectors but got traffic in Sector 3 and that ruined my best lap."

"For Race 2 my start was good, I had improved my technique from Race 1 after looking at the data, building the revs better as I got the clutch to bite and we got away well."

"So I was in a better position to pass up the back straight and I could pass for the lead. On the second lap Liam passed me at the same place out of the slipstream but I was confident of my race pace and I did not try to defend too much, I concentrated on the next lap."

"So then on the third lap I got a good exit onto the back straight and passed him quite early. That gave him the chance to pick up my slipstream and try to pass me again. I knew he was coming outside but it looked like he was overshooting. I had good position and turned in but I think Liam turned in too much to me and we crashed," explained the Honda Formula Dream Project driver.

Liam Lawson with a touch too much determination

"We had massive problems with the car all weekend and frankly we are still confused about what went on," pointed out the 17-year-old New Zealander. "I had a lot of problems on Friday and didn't really do any laps with the car set up well enough to use a good set of tyres."

"So we went into Q1 blind really and the car wasn't right. For Race 1 we had to make changes but actually took too much of a step so I just did the best I could and was happy to get on the podium."

"For Q2 the balance was a bit better but it was a very messy session and I got held up on my best lap so still didn't qualify well."

"Coming into the second race we still weren't confident in the set-up so I knew that I had to go for it from the start. I did that and got up into the lead. I did feel my pace wasn't going to be enough so I knew I had to fight for it."

"When Yuki came past I had the chance to defend at the top of the hill. I went late on entry, I didn't realise but I touched outside kerb and that sucked the car out. So I was wide turning in and I don't think he saw me and the gap closed. I tried to back out of it but we touched and went off."

"It was a stupid mistake on my part, to do something like that on the third lap of the race. I have to say sorry to Yuki, to Red Bull and the Motopark Team for doing that."

"Now I've got to focus on Paul Ricard in the FIA F3 car and fixing these mistakes that I've been making recently."