Niko Kari

F3 - A fighting fast Nürburgring for Niko Kari and Sérgio Sette Câmara

#9 Sérgio Sette Câmara (BRA – Motopark Dallara-VW)
Qualifying 1: 1st – Race 1 Grid: 11th – Race 1 Result: 11th
Qualifying 2: 14th – Race 2 Grid: 17th – Race 2 Result: 8th
Qualifying 3: 14th – Race 3 Grid: 13th – Race 3 Result: 8th
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 12th – 97 points – after 24 of 30 races

#10 Niko Kari (FIN – Motopark Dallara-VW)
Qualifying 1: 10th – Race 1 Grid: 9th – Race 1 Result: 8th
Qualifying 2: 6th – Race 2 Grid: 6th – Race 2 Result: 10th
Qualifying 3: 5th – Race 3 Grid: 5th – Race 3 Result: 3rd
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 10th – 102 points – after 24 of 30 races

Niko Kari claimed a podium in Race 3 at the Nürburgring and fellow Red Bull Junior Sérgio Sette Câmara showed super speed including pole for Race 1, nullified by the 10 place grid penalty incurred after his Spa engine change.

It was another step forward for 16-year-old Fin Kari in his first FIA Formula 3 European Championship season. "I was happy with Race 3, it was a good way to finish the weekend and we can build on that, do some more work with the car and find the little bits we need to challenge for the win," enthused Kari.

Small things and big things

"The weekend finished OK after a bit of an up-and-down start," continued Kari. "In the first qualifying I had a little bit left but I got most out of the car in the second qualifying and the times were so close that a tenth would have put me second on the grid for Race 3."

"In Race 2 I made a mistake at the start and almost stalled. Then the car was just not right and we found out afterwards that two rear wishbones were bent and there was a problem with the front anti-roll bar."

All right in the end

"So the guys fixed that for Race 3. This time I made a good start from P5, took a bit of a risk to go round the outside and got to third. I was looking at second but didn't want to mess up the race at the second corner."

"I stayed third, chased as hard as I could and looked for any mistake that would give me the chance to overtake. But there wasn't one and the car wasn't really fast enough for me to force an opportunity."

Speed from Sette Câmara

"Yes we had supper pace all weekend," explained 18-year-old Brazilian Sette Câmara. "Pole in Q1, my first FIA Euro F3 pole and just a shame I couldn't start P1 because of the penalty. The second qualifying was a shame because we had the strategy all worked out to find some free track but then I got stopped at the FIA weigh bridge and that messed it up completely, I couldn't find space and while I had the pace for at least a top three it wasn't possible."

"The races were all about overtaking, making some great moves, lots of overtaking that you don't often see at the Nürburgring but coming from the back each time the finishing positions are not great. Still it was a lot of fun and good to make a point and show our speed."

"I actually had to see the stewards after each of the three races, when you overtake so many cars you are likely to upset someone but each time the stewards looked at the moves I made and had no problem with them. To me that made the point again, good clean overtakes. Now let's go to Imola and show what we can do there with no grid penalties."