Sergio Sette Câmara

F3 - Kari and Sette Câmara not thrilled at Paul Ricard

#9 Sérgio Sette Câmara (BRA – Motopark Dallara-VW)
Qualifying 1: 7th – Race 1 Grid: 7th – Race 1 Result: 16th
Qualifying 2: 11th – Race 2 Grid: 11th – Race 2 Result: 5th
Qualifying 3: 11th – Race 3 Grid: 10th – Race 3 Result: 19th
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 12th – 10 points – after 3 of 30 races

#10 Niko Kari (FIN – Motopark Dallara-VW)
Qualifying 1: 3rd – Race 1 Grid: 3rd – Race 1 Result: 8th
Qualifying 2: 15th – Race 2 Grid: 15th – Race 2 Result: 16th
Qualifying 3: 16th – Race 3 Grid: 16th – Race 3 Result: 15th
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 15th – 4 points – after 3 of 30 races

A fifth for Sérgio Sette Câmara and eighth for Niko Kari was not what the Red Bull Juniors went to Paul Ricard for. The two Motopark drivers were disappointed with the opening three races of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship season.

Both had started the weekend with high expectations after excellent preseason testing. It was Kari's F3 debut and the 16-year-old Fin quickly pointed to the improvements he needs to make. "I need to work on the start and the pace in the opening laps. That was all that was wrong really. In the mixed, damp and dry first session we got P3 and that was satisfactory."

All on the start for Kari

"From third on the grid I thought we could do something but I lost ground at the start and over the first couple of laps. Then I got into the rhythm but it is hard to pass in F3 and so I finished eighth."

The other two races were tougher from 15th and 16th. "The second qualifying had been going OK and I was on for a good lap but made a mistake on the exit of turn six and lost the lap. It happens and another thing I need to work on. So going from well back on the grid wasn't good and I still need to work on that early pace so that is what I will be doing for the Hungaroring."

More complicated for Sette Câmara

"We were fastest at the start of practice and it looked as though we should be in for a great weekend. It just didn't happen, we didn't improve as much as the others and didn't qualify as we should," explained the 17-year-old Brazilian.

"It was very disappointing and in F3 you are not going to pass ten cars in a race unless something dramatic happens. You are more likely to get caught up in an accident and that is what happened in two out of the three races."

5th some satisfatction

"The best was certainly Race 2 where I started 11th and finished 5th. There was some satisfaction in that but it didn't make up for the disappointment of the weekend overall."

"It was all down to Friday and qualifying. We just didn't get the grid positions we needed and were really fighting from there. It's pointless to blame bad luck and I don't even like to talk about it but when the track is drying fast and you are the second car to get the chequered flag at the end of the first session that is a bit unlucky. We had the pace for a top three but everyone went quicker on the drying track and we ended up 7th."

"In the second qualifying we just didn't have the pace, we struggles with set-up and driver reaction, the combination of driver and car just wasn't working and so we had 11th. It wasn't what we expected at all and we were far from happy."

"That was Paul Ricard, it happens and we've just got to look forward to the next round and turn things around," he concluded.