Sérgio Sette Câmara

F3 – Points for Sette Câmara – engine penalties for Kari in Hockenheim

#9 Sérgio Sette Câmara (BRA – Motopark Dallara-VW)
Qualifying 1: 13th – Race 1 Grid: 12th – Race 1 Result: 5th
Qualifying 2: 4th – Race 2 Grid: 4th – Race 2 Result: 15th
Qualifying 3: 6th – Race 3 Grid: 5th – Race 3 Result: 6th
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 11th – 117 points – after 30 of 30 races

#10 Niko Kari (FIN – Motopark Dallara-VW)
Qualifying 1: DNS – Race 1 Grid: 20th – Race 1 Result: 14th
Qualifying 2: 12th – Race 2 Grid: 19th – Race 2 Result: 13th
Qualifying 3: 12th – Race 3 Grid: 19th – Race 3 Result: 13th
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 10th – 129 points – after 30 of 30 races

Sérgio Sette Câmara picked up some useful points in the final three races of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship at Hockenheim but fellow Red Bull Junior Niko Kari was frustrated by the second set of engine replacement grid penalties in as many weekends and another series of rear grid starts.

Brazilian 18-year-old Sette Câmara scored a fifth and a sixth but was robbed of a good podium in Race 2 when given a drive through penalty for a millimetric move on the start line.

Caught out

"Yes I had the best start of the year in Race 2, just perfect," admitted Sette Câmara. "Too good really as I passed two guys on the run to the first turn. Then they look at you extra hard. On the replay we couldn't see it until we put our onboard into slowmo'. Then with a reference we picked it, almost nothing and if I hadn't had such a great launch they never would have looked."

"A shame as I was going for it. I'm not saying I would have won but I would have had a go. Other than that the drive in Race 1 was not too bad at all. From 12th to 5th, I enjoyed that," enthused the Motopark driver.

"The weekend started a bit slow, the car balance wasn't working for me and the team didn't agree with the direction I was looking for. I'm not saying I have all the answers at all but this time I pushed more for my direction in Q2 and it worked, we were all faster."

"It was not the perfect weekend but I enjoyed my last F3 drive of the year with Motopark. They have been great guys to work with and I've learnt a lot, really a fantastic team, so thanks to everyone."

Tough from the back

"Not the way we wanted to end the season," stated Kari frankly. "The engine broke again, we missed Q1 completely and went straight to Q2 but we were missing some track time and got the grid penalties so it was tough for the races, starting P last."

"I felt I had some good drives, picking up places all the way but not enough to get into the points. Just one of those weekends we have to put behind us, frustrating when you know the speed is there."

"At least we have Macau to look forward to. That will be something special and I'm glad about that because I didn't want to end the year like this."