Liam Lawson

Highs and lows for Lawson, Tsunoda & Doohan in Euroformula at the Hungaroring

#30 Liam Lawson (NZL – Motopark Volkswagen Dallara F317)
Qualifying 1: 3rd – Race 1 Grid: 3rd – Race 1 Result: 3rd
Qualifying 2: 2nd – Race 2 Grid: 2nd– Race 2 Result: 10th
Euroformula Open Championship position: 3rd – 120 points – after 10 of 18 races

#14 Yuki Tsunoda (JAP – Motopark Volkswagen Dallara F317)
Qualifying 1: 4th – Race 1 Grid: 4th – Race 1 Result: 4th
Qualifying 2: 4th – Race 2 Grid: 4th – Race 2 Result: 11th
Euroformula Open Championship position: 4th – 110 points – after 10 of 18 races

#7 Jack Doohan (AUS - Double R Racing Mercedes Dallara F317)
Qualifying 1: 8th – Race 1 Grid: 8th – Race 1 Result: 16th
Qualifying 2: 12th – Race 2 Grid: 12th – Race 2 Result: 7th
Euroformula Open Championship position: 7th – 58 points – after 10 of 18 races

The Red Bull Juniors Jack Doohan, Yuki Tsunoda and Liam Lawson clearly had speed at the Hungaroring but for Lawson and Tsunoda Race 2 was wrecked by a messy start procedure where a muddle of lights and flags left them stalled on the grid and getting away at the back of the pack.

The Motopark pair had qualified 2nd and 4th respectively but that was erased in the confusion. Lawson, the 17-year-old New Zealander had picked up a good third in Race 1 and 19-year-old Japanese Tsunoda was fourth but Race 2 should have been even better for both of them.

Australian 16-year-old Doohan spun as he went to overtake early in lap 2 in Race 1 but had a very good drive in Race 2 from P12 on the grid to 7th.

Liam Lawson on the podium in Race 1

"It was another difficult weekend," explained Lawson "The first Qualy was OK, the car was not that great. We had pretty average balance so I couldn't really do a great lap and we started P3. In the race the tyres went off pretty quickly, so we struggled to stay with the leaders. I just had to conserve them as best I could and stayed in third."

Then today we made a big balance change for today's race which improved Qualy a lot. It really could have been pole, shame we missed it by such a small margin," explained the Kiwi who was just 0.012 off the fastest lap.

"But still really happy with the car and the progress we made from yesterday. The car was really really good. We then made more changes to the car for the race expecting to be in clear air."

"Unfortunately off the start there was a bit of confusion with the lights and with a green flag and then a yellow flag and I was thinking that the start would be aborted. But then the lights came back on and by then the clutch was too hot and so we stalled the car trying to preload."

"It was a shame and then it was difficult to overtake so that was a disappointing end to the weekend but we definitely had the pace and so it was a bit of a turnaround in that sense so we can be happy about that," concluded Lawson.

Yuki Tsunoda denied a podium this time

As always the Japanese worked his way through the four day event with determination and self analysis. "We had two days of free practice starting with four hours on Thursday. At first I pushed too hard and my driving was not spot on. I told myself to calm down and in the final session I did a better job and was concentrating better. It gave me good experience of the track and my mental weak points."

"So Friday was quite good, two 40 minute sessions and I was quickest in both so that was a good preparation for Qualifying."

"On Saturday in Q1 I got some problems with my shifting, the car started to shift up on it's own. I came into the pits and changed down but it just changed up again. The team replaced the steering wheel and that fixed the problem but it took time and we missed the chance for another push so did not get the time we wanted."

"The Race 1 start was normal, I tried to pass on the first lap but couldn't and then I settled to manage my tyres but I then tried again to pass the third guy but in the end there were not enough laps."

"Today for Q2 the car really good. In the second push I was on a very good lap but just overshot at the and lost time so was just P4."

For Race 2 the start was very strange, not normal at all and usually if something gos wrong like that they should delay the start. But they didn't and my clutch got too hot and I was left at the back."

"It is so very hard to pass at the Hungaroring so that was very bad for my race, a shame to end the weekend like that," added Tsunoda.

Jack Doohan trying to make the best of the situation

"It should have been better," explained the Double R Racing driver. "In Qualy we went for an unusual strategy, only going for one push lap to save tyres but that didn't work for us we didn't get the lap we wanted."

"Then in Race 1 I went for it up the inside into turn one going onto the second lap but I stuffed up, misjudged it, touched the guy ahead and put myself into a spin."

"That was the race over really, especially round here, passing is almost impossible."

"Today we didn't have the car right for Qualiy, that's something we've got to go over and sort out where we went wrong."

"In the race I did what I could, got a little lucky and made the best of the situations early on with the safety car and that. Then when the race settled down it was pretty boring honestly so not such a great weekend," concluded Doohan.