Jüri Vips

Jüri Vips climbs to a close second in FIA F3 points chase

#21 Jüri Vips (EST – Hitech Grand Prix Mecachrome Dallara)
Qualifying: 2nd – Race 1 Grid: 2nd – Race 1 Result: 4th
Race 2 Grid top 8 in reverse order: 5th – Race 2 Result: 4th
FIA F3 Championship position: 2nd – 112 points – after 10 of 16 races

#4 Liam Lawson (NZL – MP Motorsport Mecachrome Dallara)
Qualifying: 20th – Race 1 Grid: 20th – Race 1 Result: 16th
Race 2 Grid top 8 in reverse order: 16th – Race 2 Result: 9th
FIA F3 Championship position: 10th – 22 points – after 10 of 16 races

#14 Yuki Tsunoda (JAP – Jenzer Motorsport Mecachrome Dallara)
Qualifying: 9th – Race 1 Grid: 9th – Race 1 Result: 9th
Race 2 Grid top 8 in reverse order: 9th – Race 2 Result: 6th
FIA F3 Championship position: 12th – 17 points – after 10 of 16 races

Two fourth places was not all that Jüri Vips wanted from the FIA F3 weekend at the Hungaroring but it was enough to propel the 18-year-old Estonian into second place in the championship chase and close to just 12 points off the leader. Fellow Red Bull Juniors Yuki Tsunoda and Liam Lawson had strong drives in Race 2 finishing 6th and 9th.

Vips a touch frustrated going forward

Honest, straightforward and self-critical as always, Vips was ambivalent about the weekend overall. "I did a good job in qualifying with second but I have to back that up in the races and the start in Race 1 was not acceptable if I am going after the championship. It's great that I moved up to second in the points and am just 12 off the lead, my competitors messed up this weekend and it's good when that happens," he chuckled. "So in that respect it was a good weekend."

"It is clear what we have to work on going forwards, I have to make a better job of the start." stated Vips who lost his second place off the line. "As it all worked out I don't think it cost us a lot of points, if I had scored a few more in the first race I would have been in a worse position in Race 2 but that's not the point. I have to be pretty much perfect all round if we are going to get this championship."

"In Race 2 we really struggled with the tyres, the track had changed and it was a bit of a lottery what set-up to go with. At the end of the race Hughes (Jake Hughes) was a couple of seconds quicker than anyone else so it was clear they happened to get it right," concluded the Hitech Grand Prix driver who had looked good for 3rd until the last few laps.

Tsunoda with good points and bad

"Not such a great weekend but it was OK," stated the 19-year-old Japanese. "Qualifying was better than the early rounds but it still should have been better. I was held up by traffic but also made some mistakes that cost us a better qualifying position. In the second push I went over the white line in turn 5 as usual but it was still wet so had a slide and had to cancel that lap."

"In Race 1 my start was OK but then I locked up and lost 2 positions. The Hungaroring is very tough on tyres so I then had to conserve them and wait for the end of the race. I was having a lot of understeer and had to control that but by the end of the race I was back up to P9," explained the Jenzer Motorsport driver.

"In Race 2 I lost two places at the start but quickly got one back then another at turn 5 so I was back in P9. Then again I had to conserve the tyres. Even when I was under quite a lot of pressure that worked and at the end of the race I still had tyres and could pass some cars, I even had the chance to try for P5 but just ran out of laps."

Lawson recovering from qualifying traffic

"Yes, a good drive today but overall so disappointing because it is clear that it could have and should have been so much better," explained the 17-year-old New Zealander.

"In Race 2 we finally had a really good set-up. The car felt good from the start and though it took a while before we really had an advantage over the others and finally got past Kari (Niko Kari) but as I did that there were a load of cars stacked up, I got past a couple but one cut back across and took my nose off."

"It virtually wasn't there anymore, providing no downforce but we still had tyres left because the set-up was so much better than Saturday so I kept going and we got some places."

"If only we could have started the weekend the same way. In fact the car did have pace in qualifying but I was always out of phase with the others on my push laps so got baulked and qualifying was a complete bust."

"Knowing that we always seem to struggle with the rears we went with an understeering set-up into Race 1 hoping to save the rears as this track is often hard on them. But then everyone struggled with the fronts on Saturday and so we were in trouble both ends and there wasn't much I could do."

"Still today was very much a positive and we'll take that on to the next race," concluded the MP Motorsport driver.