Luis Leeds Brands HAtch

MSA Formula - Leeds kicks off his 2016 season at Brands

#26 Luis Leeds (AUS – Arden Mygale-Ford)
MSA Formula

Luis Leeds lines up at Brand Hatch this weekend for the opening round of his British MSA Formula season. The Australian, who only turned 16 on March 6th, has been ready since he topped the timing sheets at the first collective test back in February.

That was also on the Brands Indy circuit and the whole 15-car field was covered by less than a second. "It is incredibly competitive," enthused Leeds. "The Arden guys have been doing a fantastic job for me and we've been near the front at every test but I know it is going to be a tough fight between about eight of us."


Having swapped hemispheres from his home in Melbourne, Australia, Leeds is impressed with the season's possibilities. "Everything is so different even before we start racing. At home I went into the season with two days of testing, here there is no restriction and we have done ten days. It makes so much difference to the way you can understand the car and get the best out of it."

"The top teams are so professional and the drivers extremely competitive," continues the Victorian. "The Arden drivers, Carlin, some of the Fortec guys, all within about half a second. These teams have got great reputations and really know what they are doing. I have learnt so much from the Arden guys already."

Where it counts

"I also like the tracks and that is helped by being able to go testing, you feel so much better prepared. It has given me a good chance to settle in and I'm learning my way around, great to be in Milton Keynes, near Red Bull Racing, you feel that you are at the heart of it. I'm just loving the weather!"