Liam Lawson leads Yuki Tsunoda

Ricard Euroformula brilliance from Lawson, Tsunoda and Doohan

#30 Liam Lawson (NZL – Motopark)
Qualifying 1: 3rd – Race 1 Grid: 3rd – Race 1 Result: 1st
Qualifying 2: 1st – Race 2 Grid: 1st – Race 2 Result: 4th

#14 Yuki Tsunoda (JAP – Motopark)
Qualifying 1: 2nd – Race 1 Grid: 2nd – Race 1 Result: 2nd
Qualifying 2: 3rd – Race 2 Grid: 3rd – Race 2 Result: 6th

#7 Jack Doohan (AUS - Double R Racing)
Qualifying 1: 12th – Race 1 Grid: 12th – Race 1 Result: 9th
Qualifying 2: 11th – Race 2 Grid: 10th – Race 2 Result: 9th

Considering that Liam lawson had never even sat in a Euroformula Open car before he arrived at Paul Ricard the 17-year-old New Zealander's performance in the opening round of the series is sensational. Running him a close second, Motopark team mate Yuki Tsunoda, the 18-year-old Japanese, was also on fire.

Fellow Red Bull Junior, Jack Doohan, just 16, also put in a strong performance even though the Australian was far from happy with his results in the Double R car.

Liam Lawson fast from the start

"I was very comfortable in the car straight away," enthused Lawson. "The feeling was there, really it's just another car, the team did a great job with it and I'd done as much prep as I could, looking at the data, understanding it. So we were relatively quick from Thursday. All credit to the Motopark guys"

"We made minor changes but it worked from the beginning. We had the pace for qualifying but as a team we didn't have the strategy quite right in Q1 so I was third on the grid. I got a good start and the car was just great. When I got in front after the safety car I really just had to keep putting in the laps."

"We made a better job of Q2 so I was on Pole but I didn't make a good job of the start, my mistake, sorry for the contact with Yuki. I finished second but was penalised so ranked P4.

Yuki Tsunoda right on the pace

¨"Yes, I was happy in the car from the start. The team did a great job and it was good from the first day of practice. We still made improvements and we carried on doing that through the weekend."

"For first qualifying the car was good but still not perfect, I couldn't hold it flat where I should have been able to. That we needed to be fixed but the qualifying position was OK and I felt good about the race."

"At the start of Race 1 I had a lot of wheelspin and I lost my position to Liam. I wasn't happy about that but I stayed with him. Then we had a safety car and from the restart both Liam and I got past the leader."

"Then I really pushed to get past Liam and I tried three times to get ahead but I didn't quite have the speed to make it."

"In Q2 I never got in a clear fast lap. I always seemed to be in traffic and never found the space I needed so that was a bit frustrating."

"Then in the race Liam didn't make a good start and I was quicker off the grid, we got close, I didn't have enough space and got pushed into the bumps on the left and lost a bit of control so Liam and I banged together. I got some damage."

"I lost some pace with the damage on the right side, I overtook a couple of guys but couldn't get back to the front."

"That was a bit unlucky but it was still a good start to the season. I like the team and the car so I am looking forward to Pau," asserted the Honda Dream Project driver.

Jack Doohan expected much more

Though he is in much more experienced company the 16-year-old Australian is not at all happy with his weekend. "No it was terrible, I don't want to be finishing P9. We struggled with a few different things, couldn't get the car working, set-up or whatever we couldn't get the tyres to work."

"On Saturday the race pace was good once I got in the clear, the lap times were good but then again this morning we struggled again in Qualifying 2, a few things were not right."

"Race 2 this afternoon the pace was better again, I caught some other cars but they were a bit loose, cutting the chicanes when I caught them. The stewards looked at it but decided not to do anything which was a bit strange I thought."

"So no I'm not happy at all. Way back when I tested with Yuki (Tsunoda) and other guys in the same car as them I was as quick or quicker than them but here we were not close, so something's not right."

"We've got work to do, get our heads down and look forward to Pau."