Pierre Gasly - Fuji

Super Formula Japan - Gasly upgraded for Motegi

#15 Pierre Gasly (FRA – Team Mugen Honda HR-417E)
Super Formula championship: 8th – 5 points – after 4 of 9 races

"Upgrades are always welcome," asserted Red Bull Junior Pierre Gasly on his way to Motegi for the fourth round of the Super Formula championship in Japan. "We are expecting a small package of improvements to the engine but we'll see just what difference it makes."

"I'm looking forward to getting back in the car of course as any racing driver does. At least I had the F1 test in Budapest but it always seems too long between races," enthused the 21-year-old Frenchman.

In the right direction

"After Fuji I think we can be confident that we are moving forward. That was a good weekend but we have to make sure we have a smooth weekend without any problems with the car. So we have to make a big effort to see that everything is in place and set up properly so that we can concentrate on the job of making improvements."

"We can still make improvements certainly. In Fuji we seemed to suffer more tyre degradation than the other top teams and we can't afford that so it will be something we are looking at."

Changes of direction

"I have never been to Motegi before but I had a bit of time in the sim earlier in the year. It has a lot of corners, it's a long lap so there will be plenty of work to do when I get out in practice. The team says it is quite hard to pass there so qualifying will be very important and we will have to put some effort into the one lap pace."

Motegi weekend schedule – all times JST (Japan Standard Time
 CEST +7)

Friday August 18th
15.00 – 16.00 Free Practice

Saturday August 19th
09.40 – 10.40 Free Practice
15.00 – 15.20 (Q1)
15.30 – 15.37 (Q2)
15.47 – 15.54 (Q3)

Sunday August 20th
09.10 – 09.40 Free Practice
14.10 Race – 52 laps