Neil Verhagen

Verhagen gets the pace back at Silverstone

#21 Neil Verhagen (USA – Tech 1 Renault)
Qualifying 1: 10th (Group A) – Race 1 Grid: 22nd – Race 1 Result: 10th
Qualifying 2: 14th (Group A) – Race 2 Grid: 27th – Race 2 Result: 13th
Formula Renault Eurocup Championship position: 14th – 9 points – after 6 of 20 races

The results do not show it but Red Bull Junior Neil Verhagen recaptured much of his exceptional preseason speed at Silverstone. The 17-year-old American was comfortably 9th fastest in the Formula Renault Eurocup collective test but in both qualifying sessions the Tech 1 driver was completely out of luck. Brilliant drives in both races from the back of the grid could only net him a single point from the weekend.

"I am completely gutted about this weekend as far as results go but I know that we are in a much better situation going to Monaco than we were coming here," explained Verhagen. "It has changed completely, I now have confidence in the car and I am a lot more comfortable with myself. I think it just needs one good qualifying session to set the momentum going in the right direction."

Sad qualifying

"This weekend we had disasters in both sessions. On Saturday we had an electrical problem and to fix it we had to get the seat out. It is held in place by four pins, it went back into two pins but was only resting on the other two. I didn't feel anything wrong until I started driving but then I got completely constricted by my belts and was in excruciating pain."

"I was trying to sort out with my pit coming in to fix the problem, it's only a fifteen minute session and we just lost too much time."

"Qualifying today was down to me, I just got on the throttle a bit hard, touched the kerb and around it went and I ended up in the gravel. That stopped the session and in Formula Renault if you cause a red flag you lose your best lap so that left me out of the session and without any kind of good time."

Happy racing

"Once the lights went out in both races it was very different, I don't think I've ever passed so many people, from 22nd to tenth for a point in Race 1 yesterday and even more overtakes today but no point unfortunately."

"The pace has come back thanks just to hard work, hard work from me and the whole team. The communication with my race engineer has been really exceptional, I know how hard he and the other guys have been working and we all deserve the results that will come from that."