Neil Verhagen

Verhagen well into the points in Monaco

#21 Neil Verhagen (USA – Tech 1 Renault)
Qualifying 1: 4th (Group A) – Race 1 Grid: 7th – Race 1 Result: 6th
Race 2 Grid reversed from R1 within in each line: 8th – Race 2 Result: 7th
Formula Renault Eurocup championship position: 12th – 23 points – after 8 of 20 races

Neil Verhagen shrugged off the difficult start to his Formula Renault Eurocup season by more than doubling his points score in a good Monaco weekend. The Red Bull Junior scored a sixth and a seventh and though that's not where the 17-year-old American should be it is clearly a big step in the right direction.

"It was definitely a much better weekend than we've had so far this year," asserted the Tech 1 driver. "The hard work has paid off and we saw that with the speed in free practice then especially in qualifying, just two-tenths off pole but unfortunately that put us back in seventh and eighth on the grid, a shame we were not closer to the front."

Fighting for the points

"I enjoyed the races, it's fantastic any time you are driving here. About half way through Race 1 things got a bit too close. He (Max Defourny) had been pressuring me but I had been withstanding it well. He must have been frustrated because he tried to pass me in turn 7 and hit me."

"I've never seen anyone do it cleanly there, he did it again in turn 8 and put me into the wall, he kept on making contact through the tunnel, made a mess of the chicane but didn't give the place back."

"I got the place back myself with a lovely move around the outside at turn three, not an easy thing to do and I was very pleased with that. So I was happy that I got my revenge in the best possible way because I certainly didn't get it from the stewards who just saw his actions as a racing incident. Not really the way I saw it."

Onwards and upwards

"Anyway you put those things behind you and move on. That is the way I played today's race, just concentrated completely on doing the best job and it was a good race. Not possible to make much progress here but I still very much enjoyed it."

"We certainly ended the weekend very positive, we know that we still need to tweak things in qualifying but we are very much getting back to where we should be. I look forward to carrying that momentum to the Red Bull Ring and show that we really have it. We can get even better results and fight our way back into this championship.