Jüri Vips

Vips wins again and Lawson podiums in FIA F3 at Silverstone

#21 Jüri Vips (EST – Hitech Grand Prix Mecachrome Dallara)
Qualifying: 1st – Race 1 Grid: 1st – Race 1 Result: 1st
Race 2 Grid top 8 in reverse order: 8th – Race 2 Result: 13th
FIA F3 Championship position: 3rd – 92 points – after 8 of 16 races

#4 Liam Lawson (NZL – MP Motorsport Mecachrome Dallara)
Qualifying: 7th – Race 1 Grid: 7th – Race 1 Result: 8th
Race 2 Grid top 8 in reverse order: 1st – Race 2 Result: 3rd
FIA F3 Championship position: 10th – 22 points – after 8 of 16 races

#14 Yuki Tsunoda (JAP – Jenzer Motorsport Mecachrome Dallara)
Qualifying: 26th – Race 1 Grid: 26th – Race 1 Result: 14th
Race 2 Grid top 8 in reverse order: 14th – Race 2 Result: 7th
FIA F3 Championship position: 13th – 11 points – after 8 of 16 races

Estonian 18-year-old Jüri Vips hung on to the advantage he grabbed with a brilliant pole for 20 desperately hard fought FIA F3 laps at Silverstone. The British win matched the Red Bull Junior's superb Austrian victory though it was a very different race.

Fellow Junior Liam Lawson took an excellent third in Race 2 while Yuki Tsunoda put in two storming drives after another troubled qualifying.

Jüri Vips fights them off

"Yesterday I was really really happy with the day," enthused the Hitech Grand Prix driver. "It's fantastic to have back-to-back wins and to keep going with the progress we made up to Austria where we made the breakthrough. It was great to win there and it means a lot to be able to do the same here."

"At the Red Bull Ring it was a lot cleaner but we have got the second win. We did a better job of qualifying here and that is a good step forward for us. It was a very hard fought race and in that way it felt even better than last time, very satisfying."

"In Race 2 today I made good progress early, passed two cars but then I got taken out by Armstrong who hit my rear. I am not sure what sort of damage I got but the car felt very strange after that and there was nothing much I could do. I just hung on as best I could but we slipped back."

"Still that's racing and in general I am very happy with the weekend, with team, with everything. We seem to be able to match the Prema cars for one lap pace so I am very much looking forward to Budapest."

Liam Lawson gives it all for third

"I'm a little bit disappointed, when you start from pole you want to win but realistically, where we are at the moment that was always going to be very hard," explained the 17-year-old New Zealander. "I drove the race of my life trying to hang in there and early on, with Piquet behind, I thought our pace was similar and I could hold him off but when Shwartzman and the rest arrived they blew past him and I was in trouble."

"The problem is that we are down on pace and after five laps we have no pace. It's a shame because we had the best qualifying of the year so far. The team did a great job and I put in a good lap but especially here the pace was just gone after five laps," stated the MP Motorsport driver.

"That was Race 1, hanging on and not being able to go forward. Today we made changes hoping to improve things but we were still in the same situation, no pace after 5 laps. We've got to work on that, get more radical and find some answers."

"But still, on the podium after a hard fought race is a good feeling. It was a dramatic end, it almost all came undone. Piquet tried again to pass and I held him off, I wondered if he would back out of it or crash and he backed out so we got third and then someone else took him out," added Lawson who moved up to 10th in the points table.

Yuki Tsunoda does the overtaking again

"Yes the same situation again, having to overtake from back on the grid," explained the 19-year-old Japanese. "This time it was even more frustrating because in Free Practice we were P6 so we had some pace and Qualifying should have been better."

"This time it was not the problem of warming the tyres but it was more my mistakes that cost us the good qualifying time and grid position."

"In the races we had quite good pace, not as fast as Paul Ricard but still good so I was able to overtake. We are still waiting for a race weekend when we get qualifying right," concluded the Jenzer Motorsport driver.