Harry Thompson 2018 - 2019

"I know it is down to me to win the race and winning is by far the greatest satisfaction"

Harry Thompson

Driver bio

"I do not have a Motorsport family background. It was by chance that I fell into karting. My dad's friend's son go karted at Rye House and asked if I wanted to try, I did, and have been obsessed ever since. Rye House is very local to where I live so practicing and learning from the age of 5 was not an issue."

Double British Champion GP Champion Honda with CER and Fusion Motorsport - 2016

"My dad then took me to every event/competition."

Shennington OKJ British Championship watching live timing with dad - 2017

"He has been very supportive in giving up his time to help me achieve my goals in karting. From becoming a British Champion to a World Champion."

Super One Award Iame and Honda Champion - 2016

"My mum has also played a huge part in karting to being there cheering me on or making sure all my equipment is clean (especially when my suits are white)."

"Silverstone with my brother and sister" - 2015

"I have a very large family. I am the third oldest of 5 children. My siblings are amazing with their support. Especially my two older sisters. They have all been to every awards night and every race in the U.K."

"My family have played a massive part in helping me be where I am today. I could not have done it with out there on going support."

PFI LGM Round One Iame - 2016

With backing like that Harry has a huge boost as he chases the career of his hero Lewis Hamilton. "I want to be F1 World Champion and start by winning every championships that I compete in this year."

A clear intent and he has already had great success. "My best race to date was the Iame World Finals in 2017. This was my first time competing in this competition. I won all heats, pre final and final."

Celebrating the World Championship win in Le Mans - 2017

"It was at Le Mans and my qualifying was bad so I started all seven heats from 8th but I won them all and then won the finals."

Winter Cup OKJ South Garda Karting Champion - 2017

"But my favourite track is Alaharma in Finland. The first corners are exciting because the elevations change and there is no room for mistakes compared to other tracks."

Winter Cup OKJ South Garda Karting Champion - 2017

"I like all the preparation that goes into karting. From working with my mechanic and the team manager making sure the kart is as good as possible to working with Dave from One Engines to make sure the engines are also as good as possible."

"After this I know it is down to me to win the race and winning is by far the greatest satisfaction."