Super Formula Japan Logo #50
Lucas Auer 2019

“I want to set a new benchmark and get 100% out of myself.”

Lucas Auer

Driver bio

"Racing is my life and it is great to work with so many people in the team 24/7 to get tenth by tenth quicker. Driving the car to the limit, overtaking competitors, winning and losing all that makes it so special," explains Lucas who's personal motorsports hero is Ayrton Senna.


"I did my first laps in a Kart at a fuel station with my father and brother at the age of four and it should have been just for fun one time driving a couple of laps, but from this moment on I was in love with the sport."


"We have racing in our family as my uncle is Gerhard Berger and he drove till 1997 in F1."


"My whole family supported me always with my sport especially my mother gave up a lot of free time because in the early stages I was too young to go to all the different Kart races alone."


"I was the last four years in a touring car (DTM) so it will take some time to adapt again to a formula car but the goal is clear fight for the championship in Super Formula ideally win it."


"I think that me best race to date was DTM race 2 at the Norisring 2017, I had a very risky strategy and went to the pit in lap 1. There was a high chance that the tires wouldn't make it to the end. I had to overtake seven or eight cars and look maximum after the tires to make it to the finish. At the end I finished second and I have this as one of the best races in my head."


"Another good race was in 2018, Brands Hatch race 2, I started in the top five but got turned around in the third corner by a competitor. After that I was last by a big gap, I had an incredible race pace and at the end I came back to the top ten with some really nice overtakes."


"I love street circuits and Macao is a real high speed street circuit which makes it even better. In the second sector you can make as a driver the difference to the other competitors, if you get it right it is just the best feeling in the world. There is no room for mistakes that makes it for me so special."


"When I am not racing I like to Skiing or spending time in the mountains," explains the Austrian who enjoys that typical meal from his homeland; Wiener Schnitzel.