Patricio O’Ward 2019

Patricio O’Ward

Driver bio

Pato won the 2018 Indy Lights Championship in his first full season with nine wins, a new series record of nine poles, and 13 podium finishes in 17 races.


It was a huge achievement for the teenager who had made an early start on four wheels. "Grandfather is a big car fan, so he got me a go-kart when I was 3 and I started racing when I was 6... everything has gone on from there."


Of course he continued to need the support of his family. "My parents are a big part of my career because they have always been very supportive and have always believed in me. Dad always flew me to the races and took me to different parts of the world to race and to learn."


Naturally he now has big ambitions. "I want to be World Champion. For 2019 I want to do well in the IndyCar series and be consistently fighting at the top in qualifying and races."

He has already had a huge amount of success and picks out his favourite to date: "I would probably have to say the 2018 season finale in Portland, to win the Indy Lights championship. I came into the weekend with a lot on the line and lots of emotions. I had to win to be champion."

"So went out there and qualified on pole and won the race to secure the 2018 Indy Lights championship which then gave me a scholarship to move up into the IndyCar series. What was really nice was that I delivered and I did exactly what I had to do to secure my future! With a double win in a double header."

He also has his favourite track. "I like Circuit of the Americas because the first sector is so so fast that you really need to nail everything right or the lap is thrown away. It takes very high commitment and focus to get the perfect lap"

He is of course a racer through and through. "The main thing is.... well, I like to win. I'm extremely competitive and I work really hard to achieve that and be the best I can be. I really enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures. It's cool to see and experience the places we travel to as well."

"I love what I do and would never change it for anything else."