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The motorsport race track in the dunes near the North Sea coast line

RTL GP Masters of Formula 3, Zandvoort (NED), 19.-21. August 2016. #14 Sergio Sette Camara.

Circuit Park Zandvoort is a motorsport race track located in the dunes north of Zandvoort, Netherlands, near the North Sea coast line.

The Zandvoort race track dates back to the 1930s. On 3 June 1939, an international competition for race cars was organized for the first time in Dutch history. This involved a course through the streets of Zandvoort. During the period 1940 -1945 the plans for a permanent race track on the northern side of Zandvoort became more and more concrete, and in 1946 the construction of the circuit, which was partly formed by the natural slopes on the dunes, was definitively started.

4.252 km

Track Map:

Track Map Zandvoort Circuit