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Piere Gasly - Autopolis 2017

Autopolis is an international racing circuit located near Kamitsue village in Japan (30 km Northeast of Kumamoto). Opened in 1990, it hosts a range of domestic and international motorsport events throughout the year. Although the track meets a high standard in terms of its facilities, it has never hosted a Formula One race. Due to the circuit ending up in financial difficulties, it has changed hands several times but still operates to this day. The circuit, located within Aso Kujiyu National Park, was built at a cost of $500 million by the wealthy real-estate developer and investment banker Tomonori Tsurumaki who made headlines in 1989, when during a Paris auction, he successfully bid a Pablo Picasso painting Les Noces de Pierrette for $51.3 million from his Tokyo hotel room. Following his successful bid, he announced that his painting was to hang at the art gallery of the auto racing resort, which was  under development at the time.The circuit was designed by Yoshitoshi Sakurai who was the project leader of the Honda F1 team during the 1960s.
Autopolis was purchased by Kawasaki in 2005. The circuit currently holds events for the Super GT as well as Super Formula, MFJ Superbike and Super Taikyu.

Length (Full Circuit)
4.673 km (2.904 mi)