FIA British Formula 4

Doohan and Hauger clinch Rookie one-two at Brands

Doohan and Hauger

#33 Jack Doohan (AUS – Arden Ford)
Qualifying 1: 9th – Race 1 Grid: 9th – Race 1 Result: 8th
Reverse Race 2 Grid: 8th – Race 2 Result: 8th
Qualifying 2nd time: 9th – Race 3 Grid 9th – Race 3 Result: 7th
British F4 Championship position: 5th – 328 points – after 30 of 30 races (1st Rookie)

#24 Dennis Hauger (NOR – Arden Ford)
Qualifying 1: 8th – Race 1 Grid: 8th – Race 1 Result: 7th
Reverse Race 2 Grid: 7th – Race 2 Result: 7th
Qualifying 2nd time: 8th – Race 3 Grid 8th – Race 3 Result: 11th
British F4 Championship position: 4th – 329 points – after 30 of 30 races (2nd Rookie)

Dennis Hauger clinched fourth place in the British F4 Championship by a single point over fellow 15-year-old and Red Bull Junior Jack Doohan at Brands Hatch but it is Australian Doohan who takes the Rookies title ahead of the Norwegian after 30 thrilling races.

I was a tough event on the Grand Prix circuit to close the season where qualifying largely dictated the outcome and it was the first time all year that neither Arden driver were on the overall podium.

Hauger lost pace

"It was strange," explained Hauger. "FP1 was OK, I was third and felt pretty good but then the grip disappeared and we don't know why, FP2 I was eighth. It was like that through qualifying and only when we changed tyres for today did we get some grip back so that was pretty frustrating."

"It's so hard to pass round here that it really effected what we could do. I still could have got third in the championship but another guy took me out in Race 3 this afternoon so that was a very disappointing way to end the season."

"Still I have learnt a lot and will take that on to next season," stated the Norwegian who put together a great first Formula season with 4 victories and a total of 10 podiums.

Doohan found enough points

"It was good to get the Rookie title," stated Doohan. "Very disappointing to end my run of podiums at each race since the start of the year but sometimes it goes like that, you've got to stand back and look at the big picture."

"I came into Friday a little bit tired, coming back from the test in Hungary but I don't think that really effected the weekend, we never really found the right set-up, that cost us in qualifying, I did lose a lap because of track limits but it wasn't a quick one, that is just where we were with the car."

"In the first two races I couldn't get ahead of Dennis, in both I had the gearbox hang up, missed shifts coming into turn seven, ran wide and that cost me a lot of ground. I don't know if that really effected the result that much because it is so hard to pass, Dennis was all over the guy in front of him but couldn't get through."

"In Race 3 I did get a good start, got past Dennis and the guy in seventh. I was following Pasma (Patrik Pasma) then we had a safety car. After that went in Jewiss (Kiern Jewiss) went off, came back on in front of me but white lined it and I couldn't get through so I ended up seventh."

"It's been a good year, It just could have ended a bit better," concluded Doohan who has 3 wins and a total of 12 podiums from his first Formula season.