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F3 - Ilott on the podium at the Nürburgring

Callum Ilott Nürburgring

#30 Callum Ilott (GBR – Carlin Dallara-VW)
Qualifying 1: 4th – Race 1 Grid: 3rd – Race 1 Result: 3rd
Qualifying 2: 11th – Race 2 Grid: 9th – Race 2 Result: 9th
Qualifying 3: 10th – Race 3 Grid: 9th – Race 3 Result: 8th
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 13th – 53.5 points – after 30 of 33 races

Showing great speed through the FIA Formula 3 European Championship weekend at the Nürburgring, Callum Ilott claimed his first rostrum placing with third in Race 1. The 16-year-old Briton was the top newcomer in Race 1 and third newcomer in Race 3.

"I've enjoyed the weekend, as I said before we came here it has been my favourite track since I was a kid lapping it on Playstation and I really enjoyed driving it for real," enthused the Red Bull Junior. "It is a shame that it is so hard to overtake in F3 at the moment but that is the same for everyone and it was anther very good weekend for learning and gaining experience."

Making space and pace

Ilott headed the first Free Practice on Friday. "I was confident right from the start, the car was good and I found the space on track to put in some good laps so I was very happy with that. In the second session I couldn't find the same space and so I couldn't repeat the lap time," explained Ilott.

"It was the same in Qualifying, I found space in the first session and got P4 but in second qualifying there were always too many cars around and that cost us, so I was only P11 and P10. It is a shame but you just have to learn to make it work for you.

Race 1

"It was really close from the start, I got touched and almost spun around at the exit from the first corner but got away with it," explained Ilott. "Then it was side by side with Leclerc for a couple of corners but then I got clear from him and went after the Prema cars. I got close but never quite close enough to make a move."

"I enjoyed the race and was very happy with the pace. We pulled out a huge lead over fourth, about thirty seconds and I tried to keep the pressure on as much as possible but never quite got the chance to have a go at second."

High Downforce

"It is a very high downforce track and when you get close to another car you start to lose that downforce and it makes it very hard to pass, that's the problem. You tend to only be as fast as the car in front of you. You get the chance to overtake at the start and after a safety car but apart from that it is very difficult."

"That was the problem in Races 2 and 3, hard to pass and you just seem to get stuck behind people. The only thing to do is try and keep the pressure on and hope they make a mistake."

"I'm looking forward to going back to Hockenheim, I went OK at the beginning of the year and I have learnt a lot since then, I can do a better job."