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F3 - Kari and Sette Câmara - half time at the Norisring

Sérgio Sette Câmara

#9 Sérgio Sette Câmara (BRA – Motopark Dallara-VW)
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 8th – 74 points – after 12 of 30 races

#10 Niko Kari (FIN – Motopark Dallara-VW)
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 13th – 49 points – after 12 of 30 races

After a month's break, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship battle is resumed at the Norisring this weekend. Red Bull Juniors Sérgio Sette Câmara and Niko Kari aim to end the first half of the 30 race series on a high.

For Kari, the 16-year-old Fin, it is a new experience. "It's my first time at the Norisring and I'm looking forward to it. I've spent some good time on the simulator testing and preparing and it went very well so that's given me the confidence for the weekend."

Very Different

"It's a track with history and it's quite impressive. It's bumpy, there are not a lot of corners , there are heavy braking sections so I expect there is a lot to be gained on braking."

"We have some new things on the car, we are not saying what. We've been testing in Ochersleben, we were happy with the test and I think that we have made a good step forward so we are keen to see what that brings us this weekend, it should be good," concluded the Motopark driver.


After experiencing the German venue last year 18-year-old Brazilian Sette Câmara knows how to tackle it. "I look forward to every race but for me the Norisring is not a special track, just three corners. It is all about getting the details right for each corner because you go through them so many times."

"It's bumpy and I think the sim is of limited use once you know the way the track goes. The thing is that your approach speed to the corners changes so much with slipstream you can't even pick a braking point, it changes every time so you are judging it as you get there."

Take a chance but get it right

"You can run a lot of downforce because the speeds are not high but you might take a gamble and go with lower downforce to get more out of the slipstream. That's something I am going to decide during the weekend."

"Qualifying is crucial, you have to be in the top six, if not you are going to have a tough weekend and it's easy to get into trouble, connecting with someone else," warned Sette Câmara.

Norisring weekend schedule – all times CET

Friday June 24th
11.20 Free practice 1 – 40 minutes
12.05 Free practice 2 – 40 minutes
15:15 Qualifying 1 – 20 minutes
18.35 Qualifying 2&3 – 20 minutes

Saturday June 25th
10.10 Race 1 – 35 minutes
17.15 Race 2 – 35 minutes

Sunday May 12th
09.55 Race 3 – 35 minutes