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F3 - Rock wrecks Sette Câmara’s Zandvoort as Kari battles back

Niko Kari Zandvoort

#9 Sérgio Sette Câmara (BRA – Motopark Dallara-VW)
Qualifying 1: 11th – Race 1 Grid: 11th – Race 1 Result: 11th
Qualifying 2: Exc. – Race 2 Grid: 20th – Race 2 Result: 17th
Qualifying 3: Exc. – Race 3 Grid: 20th – Race 3 Result: 15th
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 10th – 89 points – after 18 of 30 races

#10 Niko Kari (FIN – Motopark Dallara-VW)
Qualifying 1: 7th – Race 1 Grid: 6th – Race 1 Result: 6th
Qualifying 2: 13th – Race 2 Grid: 13th – Race 2 Result: 11th
Qualifying 3: 14th – Race 3 Grid: 14th – Race 3 Result: 11th
FIA Formula 3 European Championship position: 14th – 75 points – after 18 of 30 races

A stone, or a bit of debris, causing a crack in the airbox, was all it took to rob Sérgio Sette Câmara of his first pole in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship while Niko Kari had to fight hard at Zandvoort from difficult grid positions but made the very best of the situation.

"It was a bit of an up and down weekend but we certainly made some steps forward and we can build on that at the next races," asserted Kari, the 16-year-old Fin.

Tough traffic

"The biggest problems for the results was that I got stuck in traffic in the second qualifying and it was hard to make a lap so I was 15th and 16th. From back on the grid I made some good starts so that was an improvement and I made up some positions but it's hard to pass and I couldn't get as high as I wanted."

"I also made improvements in my driving, I was more consistent, fewer mistakes and that of course is important. We also made some improvements in the car through the weekend. I was suffering with a lot of understeer but the guys did a great job of getting it sorted for the third race. It was really great for the first eight laps but by then the tyres were done and after that I was defending. So we'll take the positives and look forward to Spa."

Tough break

Sette Câmara, the 18-year-old Brazilian, should have been starting from pole in Race 3 and third in Race 2 but a crack in the airbox caused by a stone or debris made the Motopark car fail the post qualifying technical check as team principal Timo Rumpfkeil explained. "In F3 the airbox has to pass a leak check at 0.2 bars but something hit it, a stone or other debris and it was cracked, it only produced 0.17 bar, that's nothing as far as an advantage goes but the rules are the rules and Sergio was excluded from the qualifying results."

"It's such a shame he had to start from the back because he was doing a great job and should have had some good results. He made the best of it, good starts and picked up some places but at Zandvoort you really can't overtake in F3 and unless the drivers ahead make terrible mistakes it is too easy to defend."

Worst weekend

"Yes it's my worst weekend," explained Sette Câmara. "The first time I haven't scored points and I was robbed of my first pole. I made a few overtakes in the opening laps but after that it is just a long train of cars and you can't get past even if the guy ahead is two or three seconds slower."