Formula Renault Eurocup

Verhagen overtaking at the Nürburgring

Neil Verhagen

#21 Neil Verhagen (USA – Tech 1 Renault)
Qualifying 1: 10th (Group A) – Race 1 Grid: 20th – Race 1 Result: 13th
Qualifying 2: 10th (Group A) – Race 2 Grid: 19th – Race 2 Result: 12th
Formula Renault Eurocup position: 13th – 33 points – after 16 of 20 races

It was another weekend spent overtaking as much as possible to make up for frustrating qualifying for Neil Verhagen, the 17-year-old American Red Bull Junior. Thursday's fog did clear for the Formula Renault Eurocup weekend at the Nürburgring but there is still no clarity about the lack of pace that has afflicted the Tech 1 racer at recent events.

"Unfortunately that's again how this weekend went down," explained Verhagen. "We still have no answer as to why we are so far off the pace. Obviously we are all working hard to find the solution but we are no closer to understanding the problem that lies somewhere between the car and my driving."

Sim speed

"One of the really strange things is that from my sessions in the Red Bull sim I get really good reports but that is not translating into pace on the race car, particularly in qualifying. I can get something done in the race, passing people but we still don't have pace that's close to the guys we should be racing up the front."

"I feel that I am putting everything into it, the sim work is good, the pace is there, the data says that I am doing a good job but it doesn't translate into pace in the car and we don't know why. It is very demoralising as a driver, it's hard at the moment."

"There has to be a fundamental issue somewhere and up to now we haven't found it," concluded the always honest Verhagen.