Dennis Hauger


Driver info

Dennis Hauger
Date of Birth:
1m 78cm
Resides in:
Aurskog, Norway
Born in:
Oslo, Norway
Driver since:

Driver bio

"I followed my dad on Rallies and Hill climb races since I was 1 year old. I loved it and my first ATV when I was 2, my first motocross bike when I was 4 and my first Go-kart when I was 5 years old."

In my father's rally car at the age of 2


On my Motocross bike from 4 years old

"My father was racing, and we were watching motorsport on TV since I was very young. He was my mechanic until we started to race in Italy when I was 10 years old."

Ice racing aged 9

"All my family have supported med at the races, and between races. My Father, Mum and little sister are always there for me, if it is racing, training, schoolwork etc. They are still an important part of the team around me, and follow me a lot."
First victory in Italy - La conca 2014

"My optimal goal is to be a World Champion in F1. With a lot of victories and good results on the way, always fighting for the win."

Winning WSK Super Masters 2015

Already Dennis has a good deal of experience: "In Ampfing in 2016 in the German Championship DKM in OKJ I had the race of my life... We were waiting to get out in the qualifying, and when I got out as the last it started to rain. So I was fastest in practice, but 37th in qualifying. Had to start P21 and P22 in the qualifying heats, in the rain. It was my first time on this track, and the second time on rain with a big chassis. I managed to get 1st and 2nd in the heats from P21 and P22, and did win the final.

Winning in the DKM 2017

He recalls another great race: "The Winter Cup in Lonato 2017. I won the qualifying and heats already in only my 3rd race in the Senior class. I lost the final victory because of a small mistake, but did learn a lot and showed that I had the speed even if I was only 13 years old, racing together with Pro drivers aged up to 26."

Winter Cup in Lonato 2017

"I think I always have liked the technical tracks in karting best. The tracks where you really have to work with your chassis and work extra to always drive clean and calm. In karting I think Le Mans was my favourite because you had to stay so calm, with the low grip and push to the limits without mistakes. Because one mistake cost so much on that track."

Victory DKM Wackersdorf 2017

"I have always been having the instinct to push my limits no matter what it is. And I have never stopped pushing the limit."

Getting the most out of it

"It is also very important and interesting to work with the team, and work together to find the best setting for the car and for myself. Teamwork is very important in racing and together with the adrenalin, pushing the limits is necessary to win trophies."


 "My expectation in 2018 is to learn as much as possible in my first year in single seaters. But my goal is to be one of the top drivers, and fight for the Championship," concludes Dennis as he chases the careers of his heroes Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen.

Career highlights


• 4th British F4 Championship (Arden Ford) - 2nd Rookie


• 1st German Championship DKM, OK class (Senior) - Youngest ever Champion
• 2nd Winter Cup OK class - Youngest ever Vice Champion


• 1st German Championship DKM, OKJ class (Junior) - Youngest ever champion
• 2nd WSK SuperMasters Adria
• 4th European Championship and Rookie of the Year


• 1st WSK Champions Cup, Mini class
• 1st WSK Gold Cup, Mini class
• 1st WSK SuperMasters, Mini class
• 1st Vega Winter Trophy, Mini class
• 2nd Italian Championship, Mini class


• 2nd Italian Championship, Mini class
• 1st Bridgestone Cup, Mini class

2011 - 2013

* 62 podiums in 70 races in Norway, age 8 to 10.
* Many victories.