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Igor Fraga
Date of Birth:
1m 76cm
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Born in:
Kanazawa, Japan
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Driver bio

"My dad has competed for about 2 years in karting when he was young, but he really didn't had the financial conditions to keep racing. Then my dad went to Japan trying a better life and when I was born there," explains Igor Omura Fraga. "I always had toy cars on my shelves."

As early as 2002, when he was 3, Igor had begun his eSport training with Gran Turismo 3 to prepare and understand the controls to finally hit a real racing track with karting.

"Since my early memories I just love cars. My dad saw the passion in me and he decided to take me to a karting track and he said that my eyes shined. At that time he had the possibility to introduce me to karting and we just kept going thanks to the help from friends and sponsors."


Igor continues to use 'GT' as part of its preparation to this day and he become the World Champion of the first FIA homologated eSports championship in 2018. "It has always been my favourite thing to do outside a real kart or race car, to keep racing on the simulators. It's good because you can race with real peoples but at the same time without the pressures and I always enjoy it a lot. I also really like to drive karting with some friends."

"Plus I like playing acoustic guitar and I'm getting into juggling now!" enthuses Igor who enjoys Japanese food, Red Bull and natural orange juice.


"Right from my earliest years, my parents gave everything to support me racing. We went to the karting track every weekend to practice which was like 5 hours away from where we lived. My dad was my mechanic, coach and engineer, my mom also helped my dad on the mechanical side and also filmed a lot of footage for me to study when returning home. I was there driving and learning everything they had to teach me."

Mum and Dad looking after my kart

"After my parents returned from their work, they needed to load the car and prepare everything to go to start practice on Saturday. We also used to sleep on the car near the track between Saturday to Sunday and when returning home, we always arrived in the early morning on the Monday to go back to work and myself to the school."

"Nowadays, my dad is still always on my side, he is the one who has always been part of the team, and helped me a lot. Unfortunately my mom can't be here yet because of our situation but she still helps in everything she can even being faraway."

"In a few words, my parents really gave everything for me and I'm very thankful to god to have them by my side still now."

"I'm really ambitious and I have a dream that I carry since when I was very little, to be F1 World Champion." states the young man who's hero is Ayrton Senna.

So what about 2020?

"From our past experience, we never could see the full season ahead. Therefore I learned to focus on my day and the best that I could do, and this has lead me to keep racing until now."

He has gained great success in eSports and also some notable victories in the real world.

"I was really satisfied to win last year at the Red Bull Ring in the Formula Regional European Championship. In Race 2 I had an incident where I ruined my tires and for the 3rd and last race of the weekend my tires where in a bad conditions and the situation was not really the best."

"I was starting in P2 and I could take the lead at the start but my pace was definitely not there and I was doing my best to defend as much as I could. The race was going and I was able to keep in front for a few laps, then half of the race, and I was still staying in the front. The race kept going and at end I saw the checkered flag after a 30 minute race with huge pressure from behind the entire time to win my first race in the category and in Europe too."


"It was like a breakthrough for me and I remember afterwards me and my dad hugged each other and I literally cried like a boy."

It was a breakthrough and he scored three more victories in the season to take third in the championship. He then took that F3 experience to New Zealand for the Toyota Racing Series at the start of 2020 and was in the hunt for the title from the start but needed to do something special at the final of the five event championship.


"I really needed a nearly perfect weekend to take the title. At the beginning I arrived there not so strong but me and my team really worked hard to improve the performance and we could put everything together in the both qualifying sessions to start on the front row. The races weren't easier either but at the end everything went so well and we won the championship. I was not believing it when the race finished."


Having so much real world and virtual success means that he has two favourite race tracks.

"My favourite real life track that I have raced on is definitely Street of Toronto. It's so tricky there because first as a street track you have always walls surrounding you but there the tarmac is crazy too. Through the corners it shift from asphalt to concrete patches and there is manhole in some places as well. There is a mix of low speed and high speed corners. Because of all of that, it's kind really unpredictable and makes each lap a different experience."

Having Dual, Japanese/Brazilian nationality and speaking English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish makes things easier with the word wide media

"In the virtual world it is Nurburgring Nordschleife. A narrow track with a lot of fast and flowing sections combined with lot of elevations changes makes it different from all other track. There is something special that really got me into it and I really would like to complete the full lap on the real circuit."

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Back in the real world he loves more than just racing. "For me it's a package and not really a specific thing."

"First, it's the feeling you have driving the car. All the sensation, the vibration, the sound, the speed makes the experience really unique and merge you to a completely different world. It's really addictive and once you experience that, you really don't want to stop."

"Then you have all the work to translate this into words and communicate with your engineer what is going on combined with the data. When all this is done very well, the victory is there. It's the moment that makes it worth all the hard work and fulfils myself."

Career highlights


• 1st Toyota Racing Series New Zealand - 9 Podiums, 4 Wins, 3 Pole positions, 3 Fastest laps


• 3rd Formula Regional European Championship F3


• 2nd FIA Formula 4 Nacam Championship
• 4th USF2000 Championship


• 1st Formula 3 Brazil Light


• Competed only 2 rounds of Formula 3 Brazil and scored 1 podium


• 3rd Formula 3 Brazil Light


• 2nd Formula Vee Brazil


• 1st Asian Karting Open Championships - Disputed in 5 different countries
• 1st Biwako Mini Rok Series Champion - Japan


• 1st Biwako Mini Rok Series - Japan
• 1st Inagawa Mini Rok Series - Japan


• 1st Biwako Mini Rok Series - Japan


• 1st Biwako Kids Kart Series - Japan
• 1st Kansai Kids Kart Series - Japan


• 1st Biwako Kids Kart Series - Japan