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Jehan Daruvala
Date of Birth:
1m 76cm
Resides in:
London, England
Born in:
Mumbai, India
Driver since:

Driver bio

"Nobody from my family has a background in motorsport, but I've been a fan of fast cars and speed ever since I can remember. I'd watch F1 with my family on the weekends and I soon began recreational karting with my dad.


Started karting in 2009

Even though I was just 9 years old, I knew instantly that this was what I wanted to do," he explains and from those early days Fernando Alonso has been his racing hero.


"My entire family has played a big role in my career, not so much on track, but more off of it. I was 10 years old when I told my dad that I wanted to be a professional racing driver. As soon as my family realised I was serious, they backed me 100% to achieve my dream, and continue to, every step of the way. Though based in India, they've attended every one of my races around the world and are always careful to respect my space by not getting involved with the teams and myself on the technical side of things. I'm grateful to have them around to guide and support every career decision that I make. "


If he had not chased his motorsport dreams there are a number of other sports he loves where he may have found success. "I enjoy all sports but mainly cricket, badminton, table tennis, squash and football"

"Although my parents have invested a lot of time and money in my racing career, they have always told me that the day I stop enjoying the sport, I can stop. As long as I believe I can be competitive and challenge the best drivers in the world for wins and podiums, I will continue to live and breathe racing. My eventual aim is to get to Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, and compete with the best of the best. It goes without saying, but my dream is to be a Formula 1 World Champion someday.


He admits to having enjoyed maths at school and says he is not a big fan of music. "Just whatever plays on the radio." Away from racing he enjoys spending time at home with family and friends and says that his favourite food is; "Firecracker chicken at Wagamama."


"At the beginning of 2019, although determined to win the F3 championship, I was realistically aiming for a top-5 finish because of the pedigree of drivers on the grid. The year was fantastic and I was the only other driver left with a theoretical chance of winning the championship in Sochi.

1st FIA F3 Paul Ricard 2019

My confidence level thus, is very high, but I honestly don't know what to expect as we have to see how competitive all the teams are while adapting to the new regulations for 2020. There are many experienced F2 drivers and a number of strong rookies this year, however I do believe that if I can get the best out of myself, I can target a top-3 finish in the championship."


"My best race ever was in FIA F3 at Paul Ricard last year (2019). I was quick all weekend and was completely dominating qualifying till I lost pole in the dying seconds of the session. Naturally I was slightly annoyed, and my goal was to prove that I was the fastest on the weekend. In the race I dropped to 3rd at the start, but moved up-to 2nd in a few laps, with a gap of about 2 seconds to the leader. I was catching him slowly, and eventually got close enough. I could have waited for the DRS zone to take the lead but instead I attacked on the last corner and got past him without using DRS. I then consistently drove very quick laps to break away from the pack and won comfortably. This was a very satisfying win and was more enjoyable as it came as a back-to-back win after the win in Barcelona."


"For me, Spa is the best circuit. It is the longest circuit on the calendar and it has a good mix of slow, medium and high speed corners which a good test of a driver's skill. It has one of the most iconic corners in motorsport "Eau Rouge" and there is no better thrill than going through there flat out. Also, if you are fast in the races you can easily overtake and so the circuit rewards good drivers. Having had pole at Spa in the European F3 in 2018 and in the FIA F3 in 2019 shows just how much I like this challenging circuit."


"Winning is without a doubt the most satisfying thing about racing. But the amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes in terms of fitness, mental training and constantly working closely with the team to achieve the best possible result is what makes the feeling of winning even better."


"Racing is a team sport wherein the car, the engineers, the support team and the driver all need to be in sync, motivated, and pushing in the same direction. I think, being a part of such a team is critical for the success of any driver. "

Winner – New Zealand Grand Prix

"Apart from winning, getting the best possible outcome even if the car is not capable of winning feels nice too, but definitely not close to as good as winning or being on pole."

Career highlights


• 3rd FIA Formula 3 Championship


• 10th FIA Formula 3 European Championship

• 12th Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix


• 6th FIA Formula 3 European Championship

• 5th Toyota Racing Series New Zealand

• Winner of the New Zealand Grand Prix

• 10th Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix


• 2nd Toyota Racing Series New Zealand

• 4th Formula Renault NEC

• 9th Formula Renault Eurocup


• 5th Formula Renault NEC


• 3rd CIK FIA World Karting Championship
• 2nd DKM German Karting Championshi


• 1st Super One British National Championship (KFJ)
• 2nd CIK FIA International Supercup (KFJ)
• 8th CIK FIA European Championship (KFJ)


• 1st CIK FIA Asia Pacific Championship (KF3)


• 1st All Stars Karting Championship, Malaysia


• 1st Indian National Championship (Micromax Category)


• Started karting