Jonny Edgar


Driver info

Jonny Edgar
Date of Birth:
1m 57cm
Resides in:
Workington, Cumbria, UK
Born in:
Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK
Driver since:

Driver bio

It's a family thing: "I am the 4th generation of the Edgar family to have competed in karting; in total, 13 members of my family have raced."

"I've worn a racing helmet a long time - it used to put me to sleep." - 2005

"Grandfather Terry was 1977 Little Green Man Champion and drove for the British Team for several years. My father, Justin, was four times British Champion, four times O Plate Champion and twice GP Winner."

My Dad was racing at Kartmasters, PF International, Lincolnshire and I wanted to be just like him even at the age of 2! - August 2006

"Uncle Jason was twice British Champion and three times O Plate Champion. Uncle Rob (Jenkinson) a three times British and O Plate Champion and GP Winner. Following in their footsteps was kind of inevitable!"

The voice of experience ... Some racing tips from Dad at our local circuit, Rowrah, Cumbria! - July 2008

And the family is there all the way: "My father and grandfather mechaniced for me in my early racing years."

Aged 6, a very wet Bambino timetrial at Fulbeck, Lincolnshire! - June 2010

"My father accompanies me to every test and race and several members of my close family are a constant source of support at all my races both in the UK and abroad."

They will be backing him all the way of course and Jonny's aims are clear, "I aspire to win the CIK FIA OK-Senior class but am fully aware that it will be a very competitive and challenging category due to the calibre of drivers. My ultimate goal would be to become a future Formula 1 World Champion."

Lap of honour after winning the Comer Cadet 'O' Plate at Rowrah, the youngest ever winner aged just 9 - April 2013

He has already had great success and experiences. "My best race to date was the 2013 British Open Championship in Comer Cadet. I was spun round at the first corner and came through from last place to win. As I was only 9 years old at the time, I became the youngest ever winner of the 'O' plate title."

Awards evening to celebrate winning the LGM IAME Cadet Championship with Fusion Motorsport! - November 2015

His favourite from 2017 was crucial to his title battle. "Winning the CIK FIA OK-Junior European Championship Round 4 in Alaharma, Finland was by best race of 2017 as it was a very hard race on a track that offered little overtaking opportunities. Winning this race also gave me a points advantage going into the last round of the championship."

"Celebrating victory at the opening round of the OKJ European Championship in Sarno, Italy. This coincided with my Granda's 70th birthday and was the best present he could have hoped for!" - April 2017 (Photo: Alex Vernardis/TheRacebox)

It is an Italian track that is his favourite Kart track though "I like Sarno because it has very fast sections and the uneven track surface makes it challenging to get right. I particularly enjoy chicanes where you have to drive over the kerbs in all conditions, eg Alaharma, La Conca and the Alonso circuit."

Racing to OKJ European Championship Victory - July 2017 (Photo: Alex Vernardis/TheRacebox)

Jonny is still at school of course where he loves maths, science and sport and in his own time he enjoys training and PlayStation 4.

All in all he loves racing and clearly, being in front is what its all about. "I very much enjoy working with my team to get the best out of our equipment etc but ultimately I gain the most satisfaction from winning!"

Career highlights


• 3rd WSK Super Master Series OK (Forza Racing)
• 5th WSK Champions Cup - OK (Forza Racing)


• 1st DKM Ampfing Round 1
• 1st OK-Junior European Championship
• 1st OK-Junior Swedish Championship


• 2nd Super One Minimax Championship
• 1st SKUSA Spring Nationals JuniorX30 Overall


• 1st ABkC IAME Cadet British Open Championship
• 1st Florida Winter Tour MiniROK Championship
• 2nd Super One IAME Championship
• 1st IAME Little Green Man Championship
• 1st Las Vegas Supernationals XVIV Tag Cadet
• 2nd SKUSA Pro Tour Tag Cadet 


• ABkC IAME Cadet British Open Champion
• 3rd overall in Super One IAME Championship
• 1st IAME Little Green Man Round 2 
• 5th Las Vegas Supernational XVIII Tag Cadet


• 4th overall Super One Comer Championship
• 6th overall Super One IAME Championship
• 1st ABkC Comer Cadet British Open Championship (youngest ever winner)
• Cumbria County Sports Personality Rising Star Winner


• 1st CKRC Comer Cadet Club Championship
• 20th overall Super One Comer Championship