Jüri Vips


Driver info

Jüri Vips
Date of Birth:
1m 80cm
Resides in:
Lugano, Switzerland
Born in:
Tallinn, Estonia
Driver since:

Driver bio

"My big brothers were into rental karting and let me try when I was around 7 and from there things started to grow and grow until I did my first race when I was 11 in the Estonian championships."

"My family are not now involved with my racing so much the coaching or anything but any driver at my level would not be there without the backing of their family."

WSK Castelletto 2015

Jüri is clear that his ambition is to be; "F1 World Champion and more immediately; "To be FIA F3 Champion and test an F1 car."

GP3 Series post season testing Abu Dhabi November 2018

He has already had a lot of great races and remembers on of his favourites, "There was one in first year of F4 where we had a wet race and in total got to race maybe 2.5-3 laps maximum because there were many safety cars. i started 34th or 33rd and last because of a penalty and ended up 7th."

ADAC F4 Hockenheim 2017

"The most difficult race I had was in 2018 where I won the race on a track that was half wet and drying very quickly, I started pole and led every lap which in those conditions was incredibly hard as every lap you'd have to guess where can you break, turn in, go on throttle, while the guys behind could interpret everything I did and then adjust accordingly."

ADAC F4 Red Bull Ring 2017

"Also an amazing one was the last race where I was spun around in the start which cost me 2nd in the championship. I ended up recovering to the points with a bent rear wishbone and the fastest lap by more than 3 tenths, which is huge at F3 level."

Macau 2018

His favourite track he shares with other drivers. "Macau by far, the hill section at that track is just something else."

Career highlights


• 4th FIA F3 European Championship - 4 wins, 8 podiums, 3 poles, 6 fastest laps


• 1st ADAC F4 Championship - 2 wins, 7 podiums
• Italian F4 Championship - Selected rounds, 1 win, 5 podiums


• 1st Rookie Italian F4 Championship - 5th overall,1 win, 7 podiums, 2 pole positions
• 6th ADAC Formula 4 Championship - 2nd best rookie, 5 podiums


• 12th KF European Championship
• 11th KF European Championship


• 1st Rotax Junior World Championship
• 1st Baltic Championship,
• 1st Winter Cup


• 1st Rotax Junior Baltic Championship


• 1st Raket Class Estonian Championship