Yuki Tsunoda


Driver info

Yuki Tsunoda
Date of Birth:
1m 59cm
Resides in:
Born in:
Kanagawa, Japan
Driver since:

Driver bio

"My dad was doing the Gymkhana (car) competition, just racing against the clock. He knows about racing and loves it. When I was a 4 years old, I went to Nakai circuit with my family and we watched from the highway. At that circuit I tried karting for the first time."


"Honestly, I didn't remember what I said at the time, but my dad says, 'you told me this is amazing'. I knew then that this was what I wanted to do. This experience was the start of my racing."


"My family played a big part in my career, but especially my dad. He was my mechanic for 14 years and he gave me a lot of advice to get faster."

"He came to every race and practice to teach me how to drive, how to race, etc.. "


"So I became faster and faster. If my dad was not in my career, I wouldn't be where I am today.


"Now he has retired from being a mechanic, and he supports me with my family."


"I want to become an F1 driver. But before I go to F1, I want to take the championships of F2 and F3. My dream is to break all of the F1 records, pole position, wins, world champion, etc.." states Yuki whose favourite driver is Ayrton Senna.

To that end he has set himself very clear goals:

Short Term (This year)
Gold: FIAF3 (12wins) & FEM Champion
Silver: FIAF3 (top3) & FEM (top3)
Bronze: FIAF3 (top5) & FEM (top3)

1. Master tyres + master car
2. Improve car feedback
3. Improve fitness + good life balance (stress free)

Medium Term (3-5 years)
Gold: F1 ranking (top 5)
Silver: F1driver
Bronze: F2 Champion or top 3

Long Term (10 years) "The Ultimate Dream"
Gold: F1 World Champion (2 times)
Silver: F1 World Champion
Bronze: F1 Top 3 to 5

Already he has had great success and Yuki picks the 2018 FIA-F4 Japanese Championship Race 13 at Motegi as his best race. "This was the second to last race and it had a big effect on the championship, lots of pressure. I had the opportunity to become champion 3 rounds before, but I made a lot of mistakes during those 3 races."

"When I went into Race 13 there were only 14 points left. I didn't have a good qualifying. The 2nd driver in the championship battle was on pole position for the race and I was in 4th."

"To be the champion, I needed to finish 2nd for the last race. I was disappointed about qualifying and as a result there was a lot of pressure. But when the race started I was able to focus completely on my race and I won it. This was my best race ever."

"My favourite circuits are Suzuka and Hungaroring because they have many kind of fast corners and I love fast corners. For example, I like sector1, turn8, and turn14/15 for Suzuka. As for the Hungaroring, I like turn3,5,6,9,12, and 13."

There is not a lot of free time in his life but when he snatches some he likes snowboarding, video games and cycling. His favourite food is Motsunabe and he likes listening to J-pop. "Mainly I get satisfaction from racing and winning."

Career highlights


• 1st FIA F4 Japanese Championship (Honda Formula Dream Project)


• 3rd FIA F4 Japanese Championship (Honda)
• 1st JAF F4 Japanese Championship East Series (Honda)


• 4th JAF All Japan Karting Championship KF Class
• 16th F4 Japanese Championship (Sutekina Racing Team) Rd. 11: 2nd, Rd. 12: 4th


• 2nd JAF All Japan Karting Championship FS125 Class


• 11th JAF All Japan Karting Championship FS125 Class


• 1st JAF Regional Karting Championship FS125 Class East Region
• 1st Twin Ring Motegi Karting Race Series X30 Class


• 3rd JAF Junior Karting Championship FP-Jr Class


• 5th JAF Junior Karting Championship FP-Jr Cadets Class
• 1st Shin-Tokyo NIC Cup Series Yamaha Cadets Open Class
• 1st Haruna Cup Series Yamaha Cadets Open Class


• 6th JAF Junior Karting Championship FP-Jr Cadets Class
• 1st Shin-Tokyo NIC Cup Series Yamaha Cadets Open Class
• 2nd Haruna Cup Series Yamaha Cadets Open Class


• 3rd East Japan Junior Expert Class