Super Formula Japan

Strong Fuji Super Formula test for Jüri Vips

Jüri Vips

#15 Jüri Vips (EST – Mugen Honda/M-TEC HR-417E)
Session 1: 17th 1m 23.282 – 1.940 to fastest
Session 2: 7th 1m 21.125 – 0.448
Session 3: 5th 1m 21.620 – 0.835
Session 4: 7th 1m 21.819 – 0.612

Jüri Vips has made an excellent start to his first full Super Formula season in Japan during the first Preseason Test in Fuji. The 19-year-old Estonian Red Bull Junior put in close to 200 laps in the Mugen Honda and after settling in on the first morning of the two day test was then consistently featuring on the leaderboard.

He made his debut in the final round of the 2019 Super Formula season in Suzuka late last October and Vips has been champing at the bit to get in the car again. "It's great to be back after such a long break. I have no idea what the lap total is but my neck tells me it must have been 200 laps," he laughed.

"It's been pretty tough on the body all round. Of course I've been training hard but nothing is quite the same as time in the car. I am very happy with the way the test went. Not that the time sheets show everything I would like but there is a lot more potential there than just the times."

Warming to it

"I struggled to get the tyre warming sorted out so the lap time did not come at first. But by session 4 I got on top of it quite well and we put on new tyres early. I then hit P1 and really had a good run. We then went for race distance while others put in new tyres later in the session when the track improved and the cars went quicker in cooler air. So we slipped off the top of the times but we know we are in quite good shape."

"I am really enjoying the time here, the people are great. I have a new engineer, a Canadian and that is obviously helping with the communication plus I am getting used to the culture and the way things are done."

"Just as well, I may be here for a while. I am staying for the next test at Suzuka on the 3rd and 4th then will probably have to stay until the first race. I would like to go home and visit my family of course but though I could get home I probably couldn't get back with the way things are. I don't want to miss a race."