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Designed to develop and nurture the next generation of world class driver's, The Castrol Toyota Racing Series is proudly supported by Toyota New Zealand.

Moving into another season as New Zealand's premier category, Castrol Toyota Racing Series is as exciting, fast and closely fought as ever.

The only class in New Zealand motorsport that offers aspiring racers vital experience with wings, slicks and composite technologies, The Castrol Toyota Racing Series is Toyota's commitment to nurturing our next generation of top level racing talent.

No other manufacturer has made the same long term commitment to motorsport as Toyota. Drivers in the National Championship series compete for every major title and trophy in the sport. The series attracts Premier Gold Star status along with the New Zealand Grand Prix title, one of only two FIA-sanctioned Grand Prix race events outside of Formula One.

As one of only two FIA sanctioned Grand Prix race events outside of Formula One the Castrol Toyota Racing series attracts Premier Gold Star status, making it a truly world class motorsport event.

Attracting rising stars from the northern hemisphere, overseas drivers value the chance to compete during the northern winter and make a name for themselves while their rivals wait out the winter chill.

Rising starts from around the globe seize the valuable chance to gain a competitive edge over their rivals waiting out the winter chill in the northern hemisphere.

High performance on and off the track

Purpose-built monocoque carbon fibre chassis and sealed 1.8-litre in-line four-cylinder engines; full aerodynamic effect from an advanced package of wings and sidepods; identical wheels, tyres and suspension parts make the cars state of the art. The control of these elements makes for the closest possible racing and puts the emphasis on true driving ability under all conditions. CTRS is the only category that offers aspiring drivers the chance to gain invaluable experience in open-wheel driving, aerodynamics and slick tyres right here in New Zealand without needing a big budget.
A fantastic stepping stone to all international single-seater classes

CTRS cars lap New Zealand circuits faster than an NZV8 and more than six seconds faster than Formula Ford. A level of investment unmatched by any other manufacturer demonstrates Toyota's commitment to finding the next generation of racers and giving them the best possible stepping stone to the next level of their careers.
The works

Toyota's support for the only manufacturer-based single seater class in New Zealand extends to the most advanced trackside pit and hospitality facilities in the country. It's a paddock presence that supports both race teams and their sponsors. The travelling F1-style set-up features a paddock area and marquee bay so each competitor works in a self-contained, professional environment alongside other race teams.